Ushering in the Future of Manufacturing

Tech-IT’S deep knowledge in Mechanical and Electrical engineering, experience in sales and service processes, and hands-on exposure to the factory shop floor have helped us to build digital offerings in the core business domain. Manufacturing in Tech Mahindra is aligned to Tech-IT’S 3-4-3 strategy, which is alignment of 3 Mega trends- 4 Big bets – addressing 3 objectives.

The 3 Mega trends are:
  • Growing demand for mass customization
  • Human-Robot Collaboration on the rise
  • Rapid IT-OT Convergence
Our 4 big bets solution is summarized by the term – FIRM

We build Factory of Future to digitize lean manufacturing & lessen carbon footprint


We create IoT-SW-Electronics enabled smart product


We improve reliability by integrating field warranty with product design and production quality


We support mobility & sharing economy with a focus on differentiating experience

Our 3 objectives are: Run Better, Change Faster, Grow Greater.