IT Support Services

Datacenter Solutions

Design and Consulting

As we  are providing one of the leading  IT Communications and Physical Security Solutions in Oman This involves working with clients to determine their specific needs and designing a data center solution involving site selection, facility design, network architecture, and security considerations.

Monitoring and Management
Once a data center solution is in place, it must be monitored and managed to ensure it continues to operate smoothly and involves the use of specialized software tools to monitor system performance, identify potential problems, and make necessary adjustments.

Maintenance & Support

Finally, a data center solution should include ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that the equipment continues to operate at peak efficiency and to quickly address any issues that arise.


IT Cloud Operations

Tech IT offers comprehensive managed services for public, private, community, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments on various global cloud platforms, including Azure, Google Platform, IBM Cloud, SAP, Oracle Cloud, and others. We ensure maximum uptime and continuous availability on the cloud with a single pay-per-use Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is both cost-effective and reliable. This provides a dependable path towards a more intelligent and resilient future for your business.

IT AI Solutions

Tech-IT develops tailored AI solutions for a variety of industries, including Telecom, Travel, Transportation, Finance, Healthcare, e-Commerce, and Retail. We have gained extensive expertise in digitally transforming numerous industries, with a particular focus on utilizing AI and data analytics.

IT Unified Communication & Video Conferencing Solutions

Tech-IT possesses the expertise, skills, and experience necessary to design and implement fully integrated audio-visual solutions tailored to your enterprise's specific needs.

IT Communications & Physical Security

Tech-IT takes pride in being a reliable and accountable team that consistently delivers exceptional client satisfaction. Our team has successfully executed several significant projects to the highest standards of quality control, including specialized work such as: .Designing, engineering, installing, maintaining, and supporting structured UTP and fiber backbone cabling systems .Implementing data and voice structured cabling using fiber optic, category rated UTP, and STP technologies .Deploying data and voice backbone cabling using fiber optic and multi-pair UTP technologies .Conducting testing, certification, documentation, and troubleshooting services to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of your cabling systems.

IT Networking Information Security Solutions

Tech-IT's Network team covers various aspects such as designing and implementing network infrastructure involving metallic and optical cables and Wi-Fi. They also provide solutions for switching, routing, WAN connectivity, and network management. The team is equipped to deliver network elements and configure them.

IT Application & Software Solutions

Tech-IT provides various software and technology services, such as ERP and software solutions, website development, business intelligence, archival and e-library solutions, and custom application development.