Datacenter Solutions

Raised Flooring, Racks and Cable Management

Whether you update your current infrastructure or design a new installation, trust that Tech.IT will deliver the most comprehensive.

Antistatic raised floor

Cementitious Infill Steel Raised Floor, Calcium Sulphate Access Floor System, Wood core Access Floor System, Aluminum Raised Floor, Laminated for Data Centers & Understructure System.

Racks and Cabinets

The data center and the IT infrastructure of the organization are highly optimized with the racks and cabinets and the company can make the optimal usage of limited floor space. All this leads to the generation of higher ROI for your business.

Cable management and documentation.

Environmental Monitoring System

Environmental threats in your server room can cause a lot more damage than hardware or software problems. Redundant hardware, backup tapes, UPS battery arrays, generators and other fault-tolerance measures can all be rendered useless if your server room overheats or floods. We provide solutions and we will take care of it for you.

Monitor Temperature the most common environmental threat in any server room or wiring closet is heat.

Monitor Humidity Detect abnormal humidity conditions.

Detect the Presence of Water.

Monitor Physical Security Monitor “dry-contact” devices including motion sensors, door sensors, vibration sensors and smoke detectors.

Power Backup Solutions (UPS, Generator)

Our customers trust us to design, install, test and maintain complex backup power systems. We provide high quality UPS from the top manufacturers in the power industry. Using top quality power equipment adds to the life and dependability of a data center backup power system. But UPS are just part of a complete backup power solution for a data center. Tech.IT specializes in complete data center power solutions, from new custom enclosed UPS to industrial diesel generators, automatic transfer switches and data center cooling equipment.

Cloud Operations

Tech IT delivers end-to-end public, private, community, hybrid, and multi-cloud managed services on global cloud platforms – Azure, Google Platform, IBM Cloud, SAP, Oracle Cloud, and more.

Guaranteeing industry-best uptime and always-on availability on the cloud, on a single, cost-effective pay-per-use SLA. It’s a fail-proof roadmap to an intelligent, resilient business future.


AI Solutions

Raising customer expectations and increasing competition, we’ve accumulated expertise in the digital transformation of a wide variety of industries, particularly the use cases applying AI and data analytics. If you believe that AI is not for you, check with us. We’ll dispel the most common misconceptions and answer all your questions. We’re confident that the facts and our expertise will make it easy for you to reconsider – and decide that AI should be in your immediate future.

We develop AI solutions for your industry

Telecom, Travel, Transportation, Finance, Healthcare,

e-Commerce & Retail


Unified Comm. & Video Conferencing Solution

IP Telephony

  • We provide and manage IP Telephony solutions on Cisco and Asterisk/Well/Awaya Platform.
  • The most benefits of IP telephony in network is:
  • Savings on calls within its own network
  • Effective and faster communication

Audio-Visual Solutions / Call Center Solution / Digital Receptionist & Voice Messaging

Once separate systems, each with their own infrastructure, audio and video are now integrated and indispensable parts of enterprise communication solutions. While more enterprises are moving to video, early adopters of modern video technology are looking for new ways to use it.

Tech.IT is one of the few companies with the knowledge, skills and experience to design and develop fully integrated enterprise audio-visual solutions.


Communications & Physical Security

Structured UTP & Fiber Backbone Cabling

Tech.IT is unique because our responsive team is accountable for delivering consistent client satisfaction. We executed many major projects to the highest standards and quality control as well as specialty work including:

Design, engineering, installation, maintenance and support

Data and voice structured cabling (fiber optic, category rated UTP & STP)

Data and voice / backbone cabling (fiber optics and multi-pair UTP)

Testing, certification, documentation, and troubleshooting

Home security isometric flowchart with security camera safe lock intercom smoke detector elements vector illustration

Networking Information Security Solutions

Tech.IT Network team encompasses.

Design and Realization Network Infrastructure (Metallic & Optical Cables, Wi-Fi)

Switching and Routing Solution WAN Connectivity Solution

Network Management Solution

Delivery Network Elements

Configuration of Network Elements

Firewall, IPS and UTM Solutions

Endpoint Security Solution

Web Application Security Solution

Patch Management Solution

Endpoint/Server Security (Firewall, Antivirus, Software for Data-loss Prevention & Monitoring


Application & Software Solutions

  • ERP and Software Solutions
  • Website Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Archival and E-Library Solutions
  • Custom Applications Development

Server, Virtualization & Storage Solutions

Intel x86, Blade server and HPC Solution

For SOHO and middle-sized customers we provide HP storages and for large companies we brings data storages DELL/IBM.

Database server

On database server is stored many of structured data. There is MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MariaDB, Firebird and so on. For these database systems we are able to deliver matching hardware/software and provide management with backup.

Mail and Collaborative Server

Mail and collaborative server is providing secured email transfer. It can also provide functions as a calendar, task management, contacts and so on. Our portfolio of mail and collaborative server:

Microsoft Exchange & O365 (for large customers)

Application server

Application server has many of usage. The most of time is server, which is specialized for servicing specific application or more.

Backup server

Backup server serve not only for backing up user data from endpoint, but also from other servers for example database server.

  • NAS and SAN Storage Solution
  • Virtualization Solution
  • Information Lifecycle Management Solution